Strength of Materials by Singer 4th edition pdf

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Chapter 1 deals with simple stresses
Chapter 2 deals with simple strain
Chapter 3 deals with Torsion
Chapter 4 upto chapter 9 deals with shear, Moments in beams, Stresses in Beams, Beam Deflections, Continuous beams, Combined Stresses
Chapter 10 Deals with Reinforced Beams
Chapter 11 with columns
Chapter 12 deals with Riveted, Bolted and Welded Connections
Chapter 13 deals with Special Topics including fatigue (repeating loads), stress concentrations, energy methods, impact or dynamic loading, shear center, unsymmetrical bending, curved beams, thick walled cylinders
Chapter 14 deals with inelastic actions
Appendix A deals with Moment of Inertia
Appendix B deals with Tables related to physical properties of common metals SI and US customary Units
Properties of Wide-flange sections (W Shapes) SI Units, I-Beams (S Shapes) SI Units, Channel Sections SI Units, Equal and Unequal Angle Sections SI Units, Properties of Wide-flange sections (W Shapes) US Customary Units

Download Here: Strength of Materials 4th Ed. by Ferdinand L. Singer & Andrew Pytel