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'Introduction to Digital Signal Processing' covers the basic theory and practice of digital signal processing (DSP) at an introductory level. As with all volumes in the Essential Electronics Series, this book retains the unique formula of minimal mathematics and straightforward explanations. The author has included examples throughout of the standard software design package, MATLAB and screen dumps are used widely throughout to illustrate the text.

Ideal for students on degree and diploma level courses in electric and electronic engineering, 'Introduction to Digital Signal Processing' contains numerous worked examples throughout as well as further problems with solutions to enable students to work both independently and in conjunction with their course. 

Assumes only minimum knowledge of mathematics and electronics.
Concise and written in a straightforward and accessible style.
Packed with worked examples, exercises and self-assesment questions.

                        Table Of Content

Prefacep. xi
Acknowledgementsp. xii
The basicsp. 1
Chapter previewp. 1
Analogue signal processingp. 1
An alternative approachp. 2
The complete DSP systemp. 3
Recapp. 7
Digital data processingp. 7
The running average filterp. 7
Representation of processing systemsp. 9
Self-assessment testp. 10
Feedback (or recursive) filtersp. 10
Self-assessment testp. 12
Chapter summaryp. 13
Problemsp. 13
Discrete signals and systemsp. 16
Chapter previewp. 16
Signal typesp. 16
The representation of discrete signalsp. 17
Self-assessment testp. 21
Recapp. 21
The z-transformp. 22
z-Transform tablesp. 24
Self-assessment testp. 24
The transfer function for a discrete systemp. 24
Self-assessment testp. 28
MATLAB and signals and systemsp. 29
Recapp. 30
Digital signal processors and the z-domainp. 31
FIR filters and the z-domainp. 33
IIR filters and the z-domainp. 34
Self-assessment testp. 38
Recapp. 39
Chapter summaryp. 39
Problemsp. 40
The z-planep. 41
Chapter previewp. 41
Poles, zeros and the s-planep. 41
Pole-zero diagrams for continuous signalsp. 42
Self-assessment testp. 45
Recapp. 45
From the s-plane to the z-planep. 46
Stability and the z-planep. 47
Discrete signals and the z-planep. 49
Zerosp. 52
The Nyquist frequencyp. 54
Self-assessment testp. 55
The relationship between the Laplace and z-transformp. 55
Recapp. 57
The frequency response of continuous systemsp. 58
Self-assessment testp. 61
The frequency response of discrete systemsp. 62
Unstable systemsp. 67
Self-assessment testp. 68
Recapp. 68
Chapter summaryp. 69
Problemsp. 70
The design of IIR filtersp. 71
Chapter previewp. 71
Filter basicsp. 71
FIR and IIR filtersp. 73
The direct design of IIR filtersp. 73
Self-assessment testp. 78
Recapp. 79
The design of IIR filters via analogue filtersp. 79
The bilinear transformp. 79
Self-assessment testp. 84
The impulse-invariant methodp. 84
Self-assessment testp. 89
Pole-zero mappingp. 89
Self-assessment testp. 91
MATLAB and s-to-z transformationsp. 92
Classic analogue filtersp. 92
Frequency transformation in the s-domainp. 94
Frequency transformation in the z-domainp. 95
Self-assessment testp. 97
Recapp. 97
Practical realization of IIR filtersp. 98
Chapter summaryp. 100
Problemsp. 100
The design of FIR filtersp. 102
Chapter previewp. 102
Introductionp. 102
Phase-linearity and FIR filtersp. 102
Running average filtersp. 106
The Fourier transform and the inverse Fourier transformp. 107
The design of FIR filters using the Fourier transform or 'windowing' methodp. 110
Windowing and the Gibbs phenomenonp. 116
Highpass, bandpass and bandstop filtersp. 118
Self-assessment testp. 118
Recapp. 119
The discrete Fourier transform and its inversep. 119
The design of FIR filters using the 'frequency sampling' methodp. 124
Self-assessment testp. 128
Recapp. 128
The fast Fourier transform and its inversep. 128
MATLAB and the FFTp. 132
Recapp. 134
A final word of warningp. 134
Chapter summaryp. 135
Problemsp. 135
Answers to self-assessment tests and problemsp. 137
References and bibliographyp. 153
Some useful Laplace and z-transformsp. 155
Frequency transformations in the s- and z - domainsp. 156
Indexp. 159

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